SUPERIOR manufactures ready-to-use media and activators for culturing of bulk starters. These assure optimum conditions for the development and concentration of milk bacteria.

Starters obtained on Mezo-Super medium are characterized by stabile activity and their anti-phage activity properties. Use of Mezo-Super medium for culturing bulk starters offers not only increased yields in hard-cheese and tvarog production, it also enhances the quality of the end-product.

Starters prepared using Mezo-Super /SW/ medium standardize and accelerate the technological processes involved in the production of cottage cheese.

Our ready to use growth media are supplied complete and require only dissolving in water and pasteurization before use. Different types of media have had their compositions optimized for mezophile or thermophile cultures.

After cooling to the specified temperature the mix should be dosed with the appropriate DVS culture and incubated to the recommended pH value. The prepared starter should be mixed and cooled to 4 – 6°C and added in appropriate amounts to the milk vats.

Use our media for production of bulk starter permits a significant reduction in production costs – thus increasing the product’s competitiveness on the market – while at the same time streamlining the technological process.

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