In dairy desserts adding a stabilizer increases product viscosity, prevents syneresis and assures stabile structure a stable structure during the entire storage period. Depending on requirements, application of an appropriate stabilizing system guarantees a product with uniformly, creamy, puffy or jelly-like structure

Functional mixes offered by SUPERIOR for use in production of fruit jellies ( Super-Gel-Mix) create a jellified dessert structure while generating the required organoleptic features and controlling the acidity of the product. A complex of gelling substances including sugar, flavorings and coloring guarantees product repeatability.

In dairy desserts of neutral acidity such as puddings (SUPERMIX) or semolina containing desserts (SK 01-Super), adding a stabilizer gives the product a creamy structure, without signs of syneresis and with admixtures evenly spread throughout the entire product mass. 

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