Besides the taste values, the attractiveness to of ice creams and frozen desserts is determined by numerous subtleties of structure and consistency. That is why their industrial production makes use of stabilizing and emulsifying substances an absolute necessity.

Combining various functional additives into a single complex involves numerous factors such as the ability of emulsifiers to stabilize the emulsion and the necessity of obtaining synergy between individual emulsifying and stabilizing components of the system. The additives offered by SUPERIOR satisfy all those requirements 

The role of stabilizing and emulsifying substances:

  • increasing the viscosity of the mix
  • stabilizing fat emulsion
  • reducing free-water volume
  • increasing the aeration potential of ice-cream mix 
  • increasing resistance of ice creams to melting
  • giving the feeling of “warmth” during ice cream consumption
  • increasing yield of the process and reducing production costs
  • preventing water crystallization during freezing and storage of ice creams

Recently a new ice-cream mix has been launched by SUPERIOR IC-Complex. This very unique, composition of milk components, hydrocolloids and emulsifiers, fully substitutes milk powder and stabilizers used traditionally to ice cream production.

IC-Complex successfully reduces production costs, helps obtain a creamy structure and high aeration, prevents water crystallization and improves the technological process.