Quark products manufactured by using the acid or acid-and-rennet methods are often used as raw materials in the production of various desserts.

To extend their shelf life such products are subject to thermal processing. An appropriate stabilizing system will protect the proteins contained in them from being denaturated during the heating process, so that floury or gritty consistency will be avoided. Stabilizers for this type of products (ZMX-Super /ST/, ZMX-Super /EX/) eliminate syneresis and assure the stability of fat emulsions, optimal viscosity in the final product and maintenance of the product’s structure during storage. Adding SDD-Super stabilizer, one of our newest products, facilitates the production of quark based dessert with delicate and light consistency, without negative influence of thermal processing on the product’s structure. The new technology offered by SUPERIOR allows manufacturing desserts, even without adding the traditional quark. The SDG – Super stabilizer, used for manufacturing quark for quark bars, allows thermal processing of the mass, resulting in natural extension of their shelf life. Thanks to its ability to bind water, SDG-Super facilitates the process of forming bars, which reduces production costs.