Individual components of stabilizing systems for production of fermented drinks offered by SUPERIOR are selected work together synergetically and obtain the optimum result, while applying the smallest dose that technology will allow.


  • lowering of production costs
  • improving process efficiency
  • limiting the effects of technological errors
  • standardizing the product and extending its shelf life
  • improving the product’s structure and consistency
  • giving the product an attractive appearance and mouth-feel
  • preventing syneresis
  • binding free water
  • giving fluffiness to aerated products
  • improving emulsification
  • preventing thermal coagulation
  • creating synergy in interaction between individual stabilizer components and those of the product


  • probiotic properties as medium for bifido- and other probiotic bacteria
  • detoxifying effects through binding of toxins and heavy metals (e.g. Pb, Sn, Mn, Cu, Zn)
  • binding free radicals and slowing down aging processes in the body
  • beneficial influence on the digestive system as a source of nutritional cellulose
  • regulation of sugar and insulin levels in the bloodstream by reducing the absorption of glucose
  • lowering the body’s cholesterol /LDL levels 
  • giving the feeling of satiety